Online Food Offers and Discounts

Offers & Discounts are ones given by only online restaurants or by big brands  but, nowadays as all the buyers want the benefits of discounts, So the last thing buyer to ask the seller after choosing any item about is “Discount” and upon entering any shop they ask the seller that “Is there any offer running?”. 
By keeping in mind traditional marketers also offering discounts to their customer to attracts them or to make good relation with them for their business growth.

Attraction towards discounts & offers why?

People want all things to get them in a cheapest possible ways, that's why our mind reacts accordingly when we see the offers and the discounts tags on the things.

There are many companies giving many types of discounts and offer which is beneficial for both their customers and themselves. They work on the basis of “the happy customers are the best customers” and by following this they feed them by many the exciting offers and discounts.

Discounts & Offers becoming trends

Taking & giving discounts are both becoming trends for the customer & for the seller. Because both get the advantages of it. Now our smart customers remember the shop by the big amount of discount they get from any shop, they will go to them by expecting the same will get them from that shop, and this benefits the shopper because it increases their sales and builds the good relation between the seller & buyers. 

Benefits of Offers & Discounts for the customer 

  • Offers and discounts build excitement for the customer.
  • They make customers/buyers happy.
  • They help the customer to save money.
  • They allow customers to invest in one and get doubled.
  • Discounts make customers satisfied in their sense.

There are many types of offers & discounts which are offered by the online store or by the traditional marketers.

Types of Discounts & Offers

  • Percentage based discounts
  • BOGO offers
  • Cash Back offers
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Gifts

1. Percentage based discounts:

The percentage off deal (e.g. “20% off” or “50% off”) is one of the most popular offers we give to our customers.

2. BOGO Offers:

“Buy One Get One” is also a good type of offers. Pay for one and get a profit of double for the customers.

3. Cash Back Offers:

It is trending going to Cash Back offers on some specific payments which customers are enjoying them very much.

4. Free shipping:

 Shipping costs are one major reason for shopping cart abandonment. Offering free shipping to the customer is a good way to mitigate this.

5. Free gift: 

A free gift with a purchase is a great way which provided to the customer which shows additional value to the customer. 

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