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Every food you eat has a greater impact on your health. It is said, Healthy mind resides in the healthy body. To have a better health, a proper diet is always needed. A diet enriched with vitamin, protein, carbohydrates, fats, fibres and every essential nutrient that can make you energetic and healthy all the day is an utmost requirement in life. In your routine diet, you should take care of the proper balance among essential nutrients. The lack of healthy nutrients can cause several diseases.

A vegetarian diet will be helpful in keeping you healthy as it the diet is enriched with higher fibre, Vitamins (A, B, C, D, E……), minerals, folic acid, magnesium, carbohydrates, fats (saturated and unsaturated) etc. This complete vegetarian diet reduces the risk of every problem that starts with the food consumption. Whether it’s a high cholesterol, stomach pain, blood pressure issue or even heart-related problems, a balanced vegetarian diet will be a boon.

Food plays an important role and your eating habits are responsible for every activity. There are many advantages to adopting a vegetarian diet. Let’s know and have a good health.  

Let’s know and have a good health.  

Lowers the risk of heart diseases

The veggie resources have lower fats and acids that reduce the risk of high cholesterol causing various heart diseases whereas the animals have higher fatty acids that are quite heavy for human stomach to digest and for the heart to function smoothly. High cholesterol leads to improper heart functionalities thus affecting the health of the person. While the veg food with lower fatty acids lowers down the cholesterol intake in your body and keeps you healthy and safe from heart attacks and other diseases.

Avoids the risk of Stones formation in kidney

No doubt that the animal food contains more protein but at the same time the non-veg food cause a decrease in urine pH. When you eat the non-veg daily, it lowers the pH value that leads to the stone formation in the kidney causing urine infections. This also affects the kidney and its functioning that can take you the dialysis process. Whereas the vegan and veg food items have the sufficient amount of folic acid that maintains the pH in urine. This lowers down the risk of stone formation and lets you stay healthy.

No Skin Diseases

The non-veg foods are more prone to allergy and we have seen many non-vegetarians complaining about various allergies to various foods that cause skin irritations and disease like Psoriasis. Brazil’s Universidade Federal de Pernambuco has found that vegetarians have lower skin problems and itching diseases.

No obesity

The veg food is lighter than the non-veg food. High cholesterol, fatty acids and arachidonic acid make the non-veg food more heavy and hard to digest. This creates obesity and extra cholesterol accumulation. It makes you fat and thick while vegetarian food with low cholesterol and lower fatty acids keep you fit, thin and slim. Who will one not want to look fit? Also, the obesity, in turn, results in various diseases adding lethargy and lesser immunity.

Have a good Mood:

There is a strong saying in Hindi that indicates the mood swings depending on the food being taken. If you are eating the non-vegetarian diet, it more often makes you aggressive and not to be offended but sometimes cruel. A study at Benedictine University says that arachidonic acid is available animals that affect the mood in a negative manner. While the vegetarians can be lacked this mood distracting arachidonic acid.

Also, the low cholesterol veg food lowers the chances of blood pressure issues, diabetes, stomach aches and gastro and gastrointestinal tract problems. To stay fit and healthy, you must include the veg diet in your daily routine.

What’s the problem then?

Hope you might have understood the advantages of the vegetarian diet and are ready to include it in your daily food. But here there can be a moment when you might think that from where you can get the healthy food. If you are an Indorian then along with health and hygiene you would haunt for the taste and variety too. This complete and perfect blend of taste, fitness and hygiene is hard to find.

Then what’s the solution?

Mealgaadi is the end of your hunger and healthy lust. The place where you can order the tasty food with a variety of cuisines. We serve the food with the blend of taste and health. We manage the hygiene and cleanliness every time to keep you uninfectious and prevent from every disease. 

Stay fit, healthy in a tasty way with MealGaadi.